Three Amazing Years

Today marks three years of marriage for Katie and I! It's hard to believe how quickly these years have gone and all that we have been able to do since our wedding day. There have been so many highlights in our lives since then and God have blessed us immensely. We've traveled to so many amazing places. From New York City to San Francisco to Mexico to ISRAEL!

We've moved so many times that we can hardly keep count.

We adopted a perfect little mutt named Molly!

We've become total Disney World nerds (yes, we'll admit it).

We have fallen in love with Tampa and what an awesome city it is.

We've built a business together (we even have an intern!!).

We have been teaching Improv together to some pretty great kids (which is special to us because that is how we met).

We could go on and on because these last three years have been the best. Thank you to all of our friends and family who are there for us and encourage us. We love you!

SHOUT OUT to Shipra Panosian, our incredible photographer who captured these awesome photos of our wedding.

Our intern, Nikki, took these photos of us. We think she did a great job!