2018: Year in Review

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As we look back over 2018, we can’t help but smile at what a great year it was. From our journey to being debt free and making updates to our home to watching Charlie learn and growing in our friendships, we celebrate so many blessings in our life. God has been so good to us!

In our business we also celebrated big steps and great opportunities. We shot over 30 weddings and more than 70 sessions and events. We also have had the opportunity to teach business and photography classes throughout the year. It is a great joy to share with others what we love about our job.



Paid off $22k of debt

In 2018, we made MAJOR changes to the way we saw and handled our finances. Thanks to the teachings of Dave Ramsey, his Financial Peace course, creating new habits and redefining needs/wants, we were able to pay off exactly $22,630.40 worth of debt. We completely paid off one student loan and are just a few months away from knocking out a credit card. We can’t wait to see where we’ll be at the end of 2019!

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Charlie turned 1

Our boy turned one year old in July of 2018. This kid has such a sweet and fun personality. He loves people, LOVES Molly (our pup) and can eat more bananas than anyone we know.

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Caroline moved in

Jake’s younger sister, Caroline, moved in with us this year and we absolutely love having her here with us. After graduating from high school, she decided to take a gap year down here in Tampa interning at Katie’s mom theater school - DeArmon CAST.

Here are some of our favorite moments of the year. With over 10,000 images we took this year, we had quite a time picking just these 12!

Here is to an awesome 2019. Happy New Year!