Ben, Elizabeth, Mercer & Bradley

We love this family! Ben & Elizabeth are seriously so cool and their good looks don't hurt. ;) Their sweet kids are just precious and they have such a good time together.south tampa family portraits mackie-1

How long have you been married?

We have been married 11 years in May. 

south tampa family portraits mackie-2

How did you meet?

While we crossed paths a few times in college, we really met and talked when mutual friends (now Mercer's godmother) set us up at a Jimmy Buffet concert in Tampa in 2003.

south tampa family portraits mackie-3

Explain your family in 5 words:

The best way to describe our're always in my heart.  We say it to each other all the time. It took years to have a family and countless bills and procedures.  We don't take one day for granted with them. 

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Describe an ideal day with your family:

A busy one...make breakfast together, head to the beach to swim and enjoy Florida weather, sunset boat cruise and dinner with friends.  We don't have schedules so we can make the most of the weekends! ❤️