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We are so excited that you're interested in an internship with us. We've had some pretty awesome interns in the past that have left some pretty big shoes to fill. Are you up for the challenge?! If so, read on for more information and apply by submitting the form below.


Our next intern is:

Our next intern is someone that is college age or older and is local to Tampa, Florida. They are not only interested in photography, but also, and more importantly, running a business. Additionally, our next intern is:

  • Available on Thursdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays (These are generally when we schedule shoots and either Thursday or Friday we will work in the office)
  • Able to provide their own transportation
  • Familiar with manual mode and owns a DSLR (preferably Canon)
  • Able to complete general computer tasks (email, internet, printing, etc.)

What we expect:

As an intern with Jake & Katie, you’ll soon learn that we’re pretty relaxed and try to keep things simple. However, we do have some exceptions. Nothing outrageous, of course. We expect the following from our interns:

  • A positive, fun, eager-to-learn attitude!
  • A sense of humor and a strong, self-motivated work ethic
  • Clear, quick communication
  • Desire and willingness to attend weddings, shoots and events
  • Minimum 6 month commitment

What You can expect:

An internship with Jake & Katie is going to be the actual best time of your life! Just kidding, but it is going to be super fun. We are all about education and learning by doing so that is the basis of our internships. We are excited to provide you with ample opportunities to learn about everything that goes into a photography business. Some of our intern responsibilities and tasks include the following:

  • Assisting at weddings, sessions and shoots
  • In-office work (culling, blogging, general tasks, etc.)
  • Running errands (post office, equipment pick up, coffee runs, etc.)
  • Attending community events & workshops (Florida Film Takeover, Southeast Photo Convention, etc.)


We promise that if none of the following apply to you, it won't count against you. But if you do get any of these bonus points, it will help us get a feel of where you're at.

  • You are familiar with the wedding industry
  • You know your way around Squarespace
  • You have watched all of The Office
  • You have your own MacBook
  • You know the basics of Lightroom
  • You are not allergic to babies or dogs...


Is this a paid position?

Well that just depends on what you want to be paid in. If it's education and experience and good times, then yes! If it's money, then no... well, not always. However, there will definitely be opportunities to get paid.

What if I don't have my own camera or MacBook?

Don't worry! While we prefer that you provide your own, we have equipment that you can use.

I'm a college student and would like college credit, is that possible?

Each college is different and has different requirements. If we can get you credit, we will.

How long will the internship last?

Our internships last between 6 and 9 months. But we are flexible and understand that everyone's situation is different. We are willing to work with you're schedule if you are the right fit for our team.

To apply, please complete & submit the form below:

TIP: Write as much as you can. Seriously, write a book if you want to.

After submitting your application, sit tight. We'll be taking the month of August to review applicants, schedule interviews and make our decision. If we think you'll be a good fit, we'll reach out to set up an in-person interview. We will let you know either way.

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