Luke & Bri

We love people like Luke & Bri. People who are up for anything, who are goofy and fun and love to laugh. We also love when a couple says “wherever you want” when it comes to choosing a location for their session. So often we feel bound by what couples see on Pinterest and we feel like we are stuck within the confines of the expectation they’ve already set. Luke & Bri were the opposite of that. Their only expectations were what they’ve seen of our work in the past and that allowed us the freedom to shoot without a preconceived idea in our heads.

Now, we’re all about being inspired. Heck, we follow dozens of photographers and artists who inspire us everyday. However there is a difference between inspiration and imitation. We have no interest in imitating what has been seen and done a million times on Pinterest and you shouldn’t either. We’ll be super real with you for a second. When someone says “The way I saw it on Pinterest was…” – we cringe! This takes away all of our creative freedom. It sets us up for failure because it is rare that we can recreate every single aspect of what you love about the images you’ve seen on Pinterest.

We encourage our couples to be true to themselves. After all, why would you want to be just like every one else?

Finally, and this is a note specifically for future couples, when it comes to choosing a photographer, take time to look at their work and be inspired by their work. Be sure that your choosing a photographer whose work you want to see up on your walls and whose past work lines up with what you are looking for. We want you to get to know us beyond our photographs and we want to get to know you beyond your engagement session and wedding day. We want to know what makes you laugh?  What inspires you? Why do you do what you do? From our perspective, we’re able to provide a better experience and more honest photographs we’ve moved beyond the client/photographer transaction into a friendship.

OK, enough talk… Here’s what you should know about Luke & Bri, according to Luke & Bri, before diving into their session.

When & how did you meet? Luke walked into Starbucks to start another shift when he met Bri, the new girl, who was elbow deep in soapy water working on the dishes. Over the course of a year they went from coworkers to good friends and ultimately started dating

When & how did you get engaged? Each year, Luke’s family has a 4th of July get-together with friends and family at Pass-a-grille Beach in St. Pete. Bri does not like the beach. So this year, Luke worked during the day while Bri camped out under an umbrella all day at the beach. At sunset, Luke took Bri for a walk down the beach and popped the question. They celebrated with friends and family under the fireworks, and quickly got to planning the big day. 

Luke as explained by Bri. – Luke is the guy that lights up the room when he walks in- he has enough social grace for both himself and Bri. He’s the person you can rely on for a favor or an ear to talk to at anytime. He also never complains when Bri volunteers him for different tasks or odd jobs. He finds happiness in his work at Apple- it combines his interest in technology, his love of helping people, and his desire to learn new things. Luke has a passion for cars and anything that gives him an adrenaline rush. Bri’s favorite things about Luke are his love for God, his love for his family and friends, and the endless patience he shows her everyday. 

Bri as explained by Luke. – Bri cares deeper than anyone Luke has ever met. Since they met, she’s always been thoughtful and selfless. All of that is matched by the amount of joy she creates in his life — she brings a smile to his face, a laugh to the tense moments, and a long hug to the difficult times. Bri still works at Starbucks, and she’s one of the hardest working people Luke has ever had the pleasure of working alongside. Bri is also interning at a middle school while finishing her degree in Middle Grades Mathematics Education. They’re both so excited for their journey together, and they know it’s going to be the most fun they’ll ever have.