Joe, Alexis & Jack

Joe & Alexis are two of the kindest & sweetest people we've ever met (for proof, see their descriptions of each other below - so sweet). This was one of our mini sessions a few weeks back and they were so much fun to photograph. As you know, we love dogs and love when they are a part of our sessions. Little Jack is hilariously adorable.


How long have you been married? We've been married for 4 years! September 4th of next year will be 5 years. 

When & how did you meet? Joe visited my high school during the spring of my junior year, as the bass player in his youth group band. He became friends with some of mine, and made a few more trips back to Florida. I started at Cedarville University with some of those friends and we got to see each other a few times up in Ohio - it was about an hour from where he lived. We even saw each other on our birthdays without meaning to... Then, Joe transferred to Cedarville for the Spring semester! So two years after first meeting, we became good friends and then started dating soon after. 

Him as explained by her: Joe is the best - THE BEST. He is my best friend and such a hard worker. During his days he works in an office, but he also serves with the middle school group at our church and leads music there too. His main hobby is music - playing, teaching, recording and listening. What I love about him most is his humble heart. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. 

Her as explained by him: The love of my life is named Alexis Price.  I spent the first few months after we started hanging out wondering if she liked me.  She agreed to go on a date with me.  The rest is history. No friend zone for this guy. Alexis now works as a digital analyst for a successful marketing company.  She is held in high esteem by her coworkers.  I'm not surprised. She likes to take walks with our dog and go to Disney World.  She also plays the piano beautifully. She is funny, considerate, and selfless.  She supports me in everything and loves me where I'm at.  I love her curly hair.  It's the best!

A little about Jack: We found Jack on Craigslist when his original owners couldn't keep him almost 2 years ago. We love him so much -  he is such a funny and smart little dachshund with his own personality. He can destroy any toy within a couple minutes and also plays fetch like a pro, but only if he decides to let you throw it for him.  

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