Ryan & Sydney • Hollis Garden & Magnolia Building Wedding • Downtown Lakeland, Florida

Ryan & Sydney got married in Downtown Lakeland back in March and they couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spring day to say "I do" surrounded by their friends and families.

They chose to get ready at The Terrace Hotel in Downtown Lakeland which was super close to both the church and their reception venue, The Magnolia Building.

What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

SYDNEY: Seeing Ryan at the end of the aisle and the sheer excitement I felt. I was semi-panicky right before they opened the doors but when they did and I saw him it all translated into excitement. And fighting back tears, I was like "I WILL NOT CRY!" which thank God he didn't cause then I would've lost it and I'm an ugly crier. 
The speeches from the maid of honor and best man were incredible. Zach's reference to the "turkey hunting with whiffle ball bats" had me in stitches. Jamie's dedication to and delivery of her rapped speech impressed me so much. I was wondering why she was nervous for it because she is a natural speech giver but then I realized why when the song started to play. So awesome. 
Being introduced as Ryan's wife for the first time. I am so proud of my husband and to be linked with him in marriage was the icing on the cake.
RYAN: Seeing Sydney for the first time was my favorite memory; as well as dancing. The two of us really like the reception entrances and the ceremonial dances.
RYAN: My groomsmen were all my buds who I'd known the longest. Dudes I went to school with, my actual brothers, and my new brothers in law. In short, my family.

Sydney's dress was purchased at Kleinfeld's in New York City, also known as the store from TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. Her jewelry was a gift from her parents after she finished with doctorate.

"I chose them because they are amazing, all my friends are very different from each other but they all got along great. They picked out their dresses after taking a vote on the one they liked the most after trying them on. I wanted them to be comfortable and to look beautiful, and I feel that they all were gorgeous day of and couldn't have been happier." - Sydney

The ceremony was held at First United Methodist Church in Downtown Lakeland.

"We wanted to have a Methodist church because Sydney was raised as a Methodist and I was raised catholic. This one was closest to our venue and happened to be a beautiful venue itself. Kept it traditional, the pastor is a family member, a retired United Methodist pastor who lives in Georgia. We were very excited he was able to officiate the ceremony for us."

Ryan & Sydney chose the Magnolia Building because of the great view of the lake, the local breweries nearby and the close distance to their hotel and ceremony venue.

Right on the water, the Magnolia Building was an excellent space for the amount of people we were planning, and affordable. Walkability to hotel was also perfect as a lot of guests could just walk back and forth if need be. Really set the tone being on the lake at sunset.

What were some of the sweetest memories from your wedding day?


SYDNEY: Dancing with him for the first time and watching the sweet dance between him and his mother. Our dance was completely unrehearsed, we chose that song cause whenever it comes on the radio or TV or anything we start singing it to each other like out of a movie scene, super corny but we thought it appropriate. The dance between him and his mother was very touching, thought the "simple man" song choice was perfect. 
Listening to dad's speech. Got very emotional and brought back a lot of good memories.
RYAN: I really appreciated how much everyone was so helpful and nice to us. We were the center of attention and both felt so loved.
SYDNEY: We wanted to keep a lot of the activities traditional (e.g. cake cutting, garter toss, etc.). However, what was most important to us was that guests were having a good time and enjoying the food and drinks.

What were some of the funniest memories from your wedding day?


SYDNEY: Ryan being the first to break a glass and Jake catching it on camera. The speed with which Jake "documented" the scene had me laughing. 
Watching all the ridiculous dancing going on, it was amazing
Jamie's rapping maid-of-honor speech
Watching Pat put garter on Jamie: I swear I thought he was going to start stripping when the music started. Pat is REALLY into Jamie so him going out of the way to catch the garter was really an indicator of his feelings. 
There was a lot of other funny stuff that happened but not appropriate for a wedding blog hahahahah.....
RYAN: The garter toss and replacement ceremony was epic. We laughed a lot.

What is something that happened on your wedding day that you didn't expect?

RYAN: I don't think either of us expected to have so much food. The availability of appetizers and desserts was on point. I always had someone bringing me another drink. It rocked.

Is there anything you wish you knew?

SYDNEY: How dirty wedding dresses get haha. I felt well prepared for every other aspect though between all the advice received from friends, family, event coordinators, etc.
RYAN: I would have liked to have been able to relive our wedding as a guest as well, enough times to sit at everyone's table. To experience it and spend more time with all of our guests.

Advice for future brides:

SYDNEY: Wear a comfortable dress!!!!! And hire excellent photographers!!
RYAN: Don't stress because on your wedding day, the little things won't matter.

Advice for future grooms:

RYAN: Always keep a firm hold on your drink, because it's very easy to lose it when you're all excited and whatnot.

Anything else? Feel free to share anything you'd like about your wedding day here...

RYAN: I really liked how easy everything was. Jake and Katie made it smooth and knew exactly what to do and when, and our DJ seemed to work perfectly in with our planner to knock everything out and make sure we still had time to relax and enjoy everyone's company.

Thanks goes out to...

RYAN: All of our vendors, our wedding party and most of all our parents, for making of this possible and putting all that work into throwing us an awesome party to celebrate our life together.

Who made this day happen?

Planner: Deana Brower, Sassy Soiree

Why did you choose this planner? Lakeland based and we had seen her blog and were very impressed by what she had to offer.

Make Up Artist: Michelle Stall, Aquali Bridal, http://www.aqualibridal.com

Why did you choose this make up artist? Actually have known her and Hannah (hair) and the other ladies from Aquali for years as I have been going to them for years to get my hair done. So it was an easy choice on who would be doing hair and makeup for wedding when they created their wedding business years ago.

Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal, https://www.kleinfeldbridal.com

Florist: Maureen Shaw, Flower Cart, http://shopthecart.com

Why did you choose this florist? Met with the owner Mo for a consultation and were incredibly impressed with her portfolio. It was an easy choice, and she was super affordable. She did AMAZING work. So impressed by all the floral arrangements.

Caterer's Name: Good Food Events and Catering, http://www.goodfoodtampa.com

Why did you choose this caterer? Its the company of one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Amy Kensinger. And the food is AMAZING. Good food was the top of the list as far as needs went for the reception, and how appropriate of a name for the perfect company to do so.

Bakery's Name: Gourmet Goodies Winter Haven, https://www.facebook.com/GourmetGoodies/

Why did you choose this bakery? Location, also impressed by their portfolio, and affordability. Cake was beautiful and delicious

Videographer: Tim Hicklin, Storybrook weddings, http://storybookweddings.tv

Why did you choose this videographer? Location and also impressive portfolio

DJ: Rey Malave, Latin Touch Entertainment, http://www.dj-rey.com

Why did you choose this DJ/band? Heard about him as he did the wedding of a family friend and we heard excellent reviews. We were not disappointed!