Ryan & Kelley | Portraits

Kelley is one of Katie's best friends. They met back in high school and since then, both have gotten married and moved off to different cities. Kelley and her husband Ryan live in Hoboken, NJ and invited us to come visit them while we were up in MD visiting my family. We were so excited to go see them and decided to do a little session with them while we were there. Hoboken is an awesome little city right across the river from New York City. Ryan and Kelley live in this little, yet awesome, apartment and have made quite a life in Hoboken. They showed us around the city, took us to some of their favorite restaurants and even took us to the Cake Boss bakery.

Kelley really wanted to have some portraits of her and Ryan since they've never really had professional photos. I was so honored that they asked us to photograph them and we have such a blast with them!