Mike & Heather • Walt Disney World Resort Engagement Session • Orlando, Florida

We met up with Mike & Heather at Walt Disney World for their engagement session. Since this where they got engaged, we though it was a perfectly fitting location and we started things off with a few drinks at the Grand Floridian resort before making our way to all of the monorail resorts.

When & how did you meet?

Mike: We met in 2014 in classic RomCom style. At a bar.

Heather: Mike and I met in March of 2014. At that time I was living in Fort Lauderdale. I had traveled to Tampa area to take out a business client to happy hour at one of the local bars that I liked and used to go to a lot when I lived in Riverview. I was speaking to my friend Ben when I noticed a handsome guy wearing a Mets jersey and backwards ball cap. He seemed to be eyeing my conversation with my friend and decided to come into the conversation asking my friend Ben if he was bothering me. From there we spent all night talking and we quickly realized that we both had a love for Disney among many other things. The next day we went on our first date to Epcot and the rest is history.

When & how did you get engaged?

Mike: We got engaged in June of 2016. We went to the Grand Floridian (First place I said 'I love you') and went to a bench right by where I said I love you. The fireworks show was happening while I said it. So we went and sat down and watched the rest of the show from the bench. And right by this same bench is where we got engaged.

Heather: I had planned a weekend at Disney with our friends Wes and Hannah. Mike had to work the Saturday morning so he said he would meet us later in the day with my sister Jessica as well. We decided to go to our hotel pool until those two arrived. My sister had texted us asking if we all wanted to do a monorail bar crawl and Mike said let’s meet at Mizner’s at the Grand Floridian. At the time I thought that was oddly specific, but didn’t think much of it as that sounded a lot of fun. My friends and I arrived at the hotel and started walking up to Mizner’s when I noticed Mike and Jess were sitting on a bench by the pool area. Mike asked me to sit down and gave a speech about how much he loved me. He pulled out a box that looked like the adventure book from the Disney movie Up. Inside it read, “you and me, we’re in a club now”. I flipped the page and there nestled in the book was a beautiful ring. I was crying so hard and in shock that I forgot to say yes. We then, as planned before, celebrated with drinks at Mizner’s lounge and Disney world. It was perfect.

When and where is your wedding?

The wedding is in December 2017 at Rialto Theatre.

Mike as explained by Heather.

Mike sees the good in everyone and life. He is caring and selfless. Mike is easy, not in a pushover, gullible type of easy, but he is easy to love in every way possible. Loving him is the most natural action and inaction I have ever done. No matter how weird he gets I love him even more than the day before. It is the same for his love. I can be the weirdest version of myself( which is my normal self) and he would still love me no strings attached.  In synopsis…Mike is kind, outgoing, hilarious, generous, honest, loyal, handsome and one awesome ginger man. Mike is my best friend.

Heather as explained by Mike.

Heather is the type of person to put you before herself. She has always been there for me. No matter the circumstance. She has an amazing sense of humor (except her taste in stand up comedians). The pun queen! She's got them for days! She'll laugh at fart noises even when she tries not to. We can spend hours talking about nothing or everything. She cares deeply about everyone. Very family oriented. She's a Disney fanatic. She'll cry at a TV commercial. She loves to have a good time. Enjoy a glass of wine. Above everything she makes me want to be the best version of myself that I can be because that's what she deserves. I know this was little all over the place but thinking about heather gets my mind racing in all different directions.