Matthew & Kelly • Sarasota Yacht Club Wedding • Sarasota, Florida

Matthew & Kelly are hands down, without a doubt, two of the kindest people in the world. We loved every minute we got to spend with them from our first meeting, to their engagement session to their wedding day!

Please enjoy some of our favorites from their wedding day.

From Matthew & Kelly:

Wedding Date: 12/17/2016

Ceremony Location: Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School

Why did you choose this venue for your ceremony? We met in high school, so the chapel where we met just seemed like the natural place to get married. We also liked that it was a smaller, more intimate venue.

Reception Location: Sarasota Yacht Club

Why did you choose this venue for your reception? We both love the water, so we knew we definitely wanted something by the water. The Sarasota Yacht Club is a beautiful spot for just that.

What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding day? We had a few chances to sneak away from all the business of the day while we were at our reception – first we went out by our friend’s boat and they have a light that allows you to see beneath the boat – we were able to see really big Snook which was awesome! Also, walking back from this same little excursion, Jake caught us and made us stop for a minute and dance for some pictures which ended up being a very much needed nice and refreshing moment to ourselves.

What were some of the sweetest memories from your wedding day?
Kelly: Dancing with my flower girls before the ceremony started – we were there super early, and I was really nervous and quiet. One of my little flower girls suggested with listen to Taylor Swift (Shake It Off, of course), so we did and we danced and it helped me relax a lot.

Kelly & Matthew: When we were announced for the first time as husband and wife and recessed out of the chapel, turning around and having all of your family and friends cheering for you was one of the most amazing experiences.

What were some of the funniest memories from your wedding day? Someone told Kelly how impressed they were that she was able to finish so much of her filet, but little did they know most of it went to our four year old niece who kept coming up and stealing it! She will literally eat anything, and we love her for it.

Also, the trolley in general. Everyone should have Chick-Fil-A nuggets and champagne at their wedding.

What is something that happened on your wedding day that you didn't expect? As we mentioned earlier, we were very overwhelmed and truly touched when we were announced as husband and wife and everyone cheered for us. Katie had actually mentioned to us earlier that walking down the aisle reminded her very much of the ending of Big Fish, and that was the perfect analogy. Katie said it was going to be awesome, but we were really blown away.

We also did not expect it to be so warm that day, but thankfully we were inside for most of the day and it was very sunny!

Advice for future brides: Remember that as long as you end up married to your best friend at the end of the day, the goal is accomplished and anything that may go wrong does not matter.

Advice for future grooms: Keep in mind what the wedding is actually about, and try not to get caught up in all minutia of the day.

Thanks goes out to... Our family, friends, and all those who attended and supported us through the whole process. Also, thanks to all our vendors, especially Jake & Katie for some awesome pictures!

The Bride. My dress was from Something Blue Bridal in Bradenton, where both of my now sisters-in-law got their wedding dresses as well. I had my sorority pin knit in beneath the belt of the dress which was a fun little surprise! I wanted beautiful, but low and comfortable shoes, so I was very thrilled with the ones I found. A lot of my other details were borrowed – my necklace was from my mom, my earrings were from my aunt, my veil was from Matthew’s sister, my garter was from Matthew’s grandmother. I loved that I was fortunate enough to borrow all of these wonderful things from so many amazing women in my life. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring women. As for my hair and makeup, that was really all Matthew – he loves when I have bright red lips and my hair in a braid, so that’s what I did.

The Groom. I tried to find a classic style that wouldn’t look ridiculous when I looked back at it in the distant future. I chose ivory shirts to match Kelly’s dress.

The Music. For the reception, we chose “Book of Love” to dance to – one of our favorite artists, Gareth Asher, does a cover of it that we really love, and we think the lyrics are beautiful. We also liked that it isn’t a very common song for a First Dance Song, but common enough that we will hear it from time to time. Kelly danced with her dad to “Brown Eyed Girl,” a song they have always danced to together because out of everyone in their immediate family, they are the only two with brown eyes. Matthew danced with his mom to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole.

The Ceremony. The Ceremony ended up being one of our favorite parts of the day. Our priest was the chaplain at our high school when we went there, so it was nice that he knew us both and really tailored his homily to us. We honestly felt that he gave us perfect marriage advice specific to us, and that is something we will never forget.

The Reception. Our reception was a pretty typical reception with a Christmas spin! We had all the first dances, speeches, cake cutting, and garter and bouquet toss, but we had a few special surprises too! For instance, we had a “Glowstick Sendoff” and late night French Fries and spiked milkshakes (which were AMAZING), all of which was made even better by an amazing band and MC to tie it all together.

Who made this day happen?

Planner's Name: Brittany Eagans with EK Event Design,

Why did you choose this planner? Brittany was the coordinator at a friend's wedding I was a bridesmaid in, and I was so impressed by how she kept everyone so organized.

Make Up Artist's Name: Kelsey Gamso with K. Gamso Hair & Makeup,

Why did you choose this make up artist? Kelsey was a suggestion from Brittany - she is so sweet and did an amazing job!

Bakery's Name: Cakes by Ron,

Why did you choose this bakery? This is a local bakery with the best cakes! So yummy and also beautiful.

DJ/Band's Name: Matt Winter Band,

Why did you choose this DJ/band? Matthew found this band a few years ago when his sister was getting married. They were amazing then, and still amazing now!