Matthew & Brandi | Engagement

We met Matthew & Brandi down in St. Pete for their engagement session. Katie and I were waiting at the spot where we were to meet them and when we saw a great looking couple all fancy and dressed up walking our way, I leaned over to Katie and said "Oh, I really hope that's them!" Sure enough, it was! These two are so great, we had an absolute blast during their session and at one point, we all forgot that we were taking pictures because we were so caught up in conversation. Matthew & Brandi are incredibly easy going and so much fun. Once they got comfortable in front of the camera, they basically did all the work for us, except for taking the actual pictures. They are so natural together and comfortable with each other, which always makes for some really great photos.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Matthew & Brandi.

We got to test out our new Lensbaby during this session. Love that little lens!

We hope you both love these photos as much as we do. Definitely one of our favorites engagement sessions we've ever done! (Can we say that?!) Matthew & Brandi, you guys are great and we had an awesome time with you. Wishing you the best!

- - - - - -