Matt & Sam • Sunset Beach Engagement Session • Land's End, Treasure Island, Florida

Sam is one of Katie's, and therefore Jake's, best friends. She was a bridesmaid in our wedding and we are heartbroken to not be able to go to their wedding in Costa Rica due to um... just a small change in our life... a baby being born! (Any day now...)

We are so thankful that Sam has found Matt and that we could spend some time with them creating some beautiful photos together. Oh and today is Sam's birthday! Happy Birthday Sammy!!

When & how did you meet?

She was just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to hand her a dumbbell. Sam and Matt met three years ago at Orangetheory Fitness Tyrone!! Matt was the super cute trainer with lots of advice and Sam was the girl who doesn't like taking direction from obviously, it was love at first sight.

When & how did you get engaged?

On November 11th, 2016 Sam had the day off of work so Matt suggested that they make it a beach day. They went down to their favorite area, Sunset Beach, for some long overdue time with friends. After many attempts were made by Matt to get Sam to go on a walk, she finally obliged. Although she refused to go all the way down by the water claiming it would be too cold, Matt found the perfect opportunity to drop down on one knee and ask her to spend forever with him. She grabbed the ring...then said yes. 

When and where is your wedding?

Matt and Sam are heading over to Costa Rica to tie the knot in just a few short weeks! July 22, 2017. 

Matt as explained by Sam.

Matt is exciting, passionate, determined, kind, loving, and mine. He makes everyday exciting. He never takes a moment for granted and truly appreciates everything and person that he encounters in life. He wakes up ready to take on the day with vigor and enthusiasm and encourages me to do the same. This man is PASSIONATE. He is passionate about life, fitness, our family and my happiness. He strives to be the very best version of himself in every aspect of life and he pours his whole heart into every endeavor. Matt is kind. He sees everyone as equals and never treats one person better than another. He listens more than he speaks and shows everyone genuine care and attention through any interaction. Love is selfless, and that is Matt. He is continually tender, compassionate, and sensitive towards my needs and always wants to include me in all areas of his life. Most of all Matt is mine. I knew very early on in our relationship that Matt was the one for me. I had/have this sense of peace that he was the man God had in mind when creating me. We are so very opposite, but Matt is everything that I am not. He literally completes me, and that is something so incredible that God does for us. 

Sam as explained by Matt.

Sam is smart, hard working, strong willed and extremely beautiful inside AND out! She has a hard exterior but once you break through it, she really has the softest heart and is sweetest girl you will ever meet. Sam is a devoted daughter, sister, fiancée, dog mom, and friend. She would drop everything to go to war for all of us at the drop of a dime. She will bend over backwards to help anyone in need and is a great friend to the ones she is closest to. Sam lives her life through God and that's honestly her best quality. She serves Him with a purpose and never wavers. She will be a great mother our children one day and when that day comes, I am so excited to help her teach and mold them into strong individuals like herself.