Josiah & Rebecca | Wedding

These two have an awesome story. They met on an airplane ride to Ghana, Africa where they were both going to be teaching at a school. This was after they had gone to the same university for 4 years and lived on the SAME STREET for 2 years! How incredible is that!? Josiah was one of my roommates and a great friends from back at school. It was awesome to meet and get to know Rebecca and see how great they are together. This wedding weekend was seriously awesome. Both Rebecca and Josiah's families were incredibly welcoming and loving and we are thankful that we were able to be a part of this awesome day!

Rebecca had lots of family heirlooms that she incorporated throughout the wedding.

Rebecca had a first sight with her father. It was a really sweet moment.

She did the same with her two older brothers.

I know this next photos is a crazy close up, but I had to post it! Look at those eyes!!!



Off for even more portraits! We have been loving the amount of time that our couples have been giving us to do portraits. Thank you!

Below: An awesome shot by my lovely wife!

In the middle of shooting, we hear a little tingling coming closer and closer and turn around to see this adorable pup running towards us!

One of our favorites!

Another favorite.

Remember when I said that the wedding party was awesome. Well this proves it. It poured rain during the reception, but they didn't care. They got right out on the dance floor and danced all night. We gotta give major props to a crowd that will get out, dance, and celebrate the marriage that they are all there for!

Love this picture of Josiah and all of his brothers. Classic!

Congratulations Josiah and Rebecca! We are so happy for you guys!