Joey & Tatiana • Elegant Merlot & Blush Palmetto Club Wedding • Lithia, Florida

Joey & Tatiana's wedding at the Palmetto Club featured beautiful florals by Botanica Florist, sweet moments shared between friends and families, and of course, a stunning bride and groom!

"We did not have a theme but wanted a specific feel. We wanted it to be elegant, classic, and sweet. The colors were perfect, but the pop of fig/merlot added a nice touch to liven up the blushes and ivories. In order to really bring this to life we knew flowers were so important, and Botanica Flowers definitely delivered when it came to the beauty of it all, and really bringing together that elegance we wanted!" - Joey & Tatiana

The day started off at the gorgeous Le Meridien hotel in Downtown Tampa...

Joey & Tatiana chose the Palmetto Club because "the idea that both ceremony and reception were both in the same location was so ideal. and especially since an outdoor ceremony was important to us, the garden area was perfect!

"My groomsmen wore the same tuxedos as me and the socks were all FSU, although some were garnet and some were gold. I chose these men as my groomsmen because they were my best friends in college and the guys I still enjoy escaping reality with to have a good time.

I chose a very traditional black and white look for my tuxedo with a bow tie. This mirrors my personality and values being traditional and wanting a classic wedding. We did have FSU socks for myself and groomsmen which we took many pictures with and had a great time showing off."

"I wore a Sophia Tolli dress that I absolutely fell in love with. Started off in my Nina ankle-tie heels and ended the night in my lace and crystal-covered Steve Madden kicks! Perfect way to end the night :)

These girls have been my number one choice for the past 4 years. I knew they would be by my side no matter what. I love them each beyond words, and they are the most special people to me. They wore beautiful Monique Lhuillier dresses that were flowy and fit each and every one of them so well!

Everything else was their choice :) They all have amazing taste and I trusted them with whatever they chose!"

Tatiana purchased her dress at Emelina's Bridal Boutique here in Tampa.

"We went traditional with our vows. Saying those vows to us meant the world and we're so glad we did. Something we added that is nontraditional were our vows to not divorce. After doing our pre-marital classes we both agreed that divorce is never an option, and that we wanted our vows to include that promise we were not only making to each other but most importantly to God!"

From the bride & groom...

What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?
-Getting married! (obvious one maybe? ;P)
-Seeing all our friends together in the same place after so much time. It was so extremely heartwarming.
-Having both of our families become one! It's such an amazing feeling

What were some of the sweetest memories from your wedding day?
-Walking down the aisle was definitely a big one. You think about that moment growing up and play it out in your head countless times but don't realize just how special and amazing it us until the moment finally comes.
-The speeches given by our best man/maid of honor and mom. They were so extremely special to us and really reminded us of just how amazing of a life we've had.

What were some of the funniest memories from your wedding day?
-Best man's speech for sure! Michael couldn't have been funnier.. we sure do love him :)
-Taking the bride's garter off. We were both so awkward about it and did not want to do it haha so it was funny trying to be awkwardly discreet about it!

What is something that happened on your wedding day that you didn't expect?
-Tati not being as emotional as she thought she would be. I was calm, cool, and collected.... until about 15 minutes before haha
-Joey and the groomsmen being stuck in the small office for 2 hours before the wedding because the girls arrived :P wasn't as glamorous as expected lol

Is there anything you wish you knew?
-How quickly it all goes by. Mind you, so many people tell you that, but you never really believe it. Or you say "Oh, I'll do x, y, and z differently" but it doesn't matter how prepared you think you'll be, it all rushes by!

Advice for future brides:
Enjoy every single second. For me, it was also an opportunity to have all my best friends together, in the same state, at the same time, getting ready with all of them and loving on them. Take it all in. Appreciate every second of it. This moment is such an amazing one it your life. Stay positive! Don't let the little things get to you- they're probably not that big of a deal. And remember- you get to marry your best friend!! Like that's pretty epic on the scale of "Epic Life Moments."

Advice for future grooms:
I look back and everything was exactly as I had planned. Just be yourself and remain as calm as you can. Take an extra second or two to look at your wife after saying I do and as much as you can, slow down time because the wedding flies by so quickly.

Thanks goes out to...
HUGE thank you to Bride's mom, Patricia Gutierrez, for the countless hours of work she put in, the amount of time she dedicated to our wedding. To the year and a half of planning that she was equally as invested in as I was. Her love, support, and "mom-ness" are things we could not have made it through without. 
To Tim and Tammy, you put in so many hours of travel, so much time, so much love... so much of yourselves! to be a huge support for us. Your loving advice and words of wisdom will never be forgotten and we will try to live them daily! 
To Juanita Buitrago, for being literally the best Maid of Honor EVER. There is seriously no dramatization in that. You went seriously above and beyond for me- starting from day one, and you spent so much of your time, money, and energy, into helping this be one of the most memorable times in my life! I love you beyond words and am thankful for you daily. -Tati
To Michael Mellette, you nailed the best man speech! That was hilarious and really filled the room with laughter. I know how nervous you were and when I look back that is one of my most memorable parts of the reception even though I can't remember all that was said. 
To our Bridal crew- you all rock! All of you went above and beyond for us and reminded us of how lucky we are to be pretty much the best group of friends out there. 

We love you all beyond words xoxo

Who made this day happen?

Planner: Lucille Hanson | Hair & Make up: Andrea with KyleLynn Weddings | Florist: Zoe Gallina with Botanica Flowers | Catering: Puff N Stuff | Cake: Cakes Plus | Videographer: John Kelmer | Band: Phase5 | Stationary: Hi Note