Jarrod & Kayleigh • Surprise Proposal • Tampa, Florida

We've known Jarrod for a few years and were so excited when he reached out to us about his proposal to Kayleigh. He asked us to not only capture the moment, but had a whole plan that involved us assuming they were already engaged and then Kayleigh would be confused and, well, it all went perfectly so we'll let you scroll and read Jarrod & Kayleigh's accounts.

From Jarrod:

Kayleigh and I met on a mission trip over the summer of 2014 to Evansville, Indiana. We kept in contact after and started a long distance relationship while Kayleigh was in college up at Marshall University. Thankfully for two years in a row, Marshalls bowl games were in Florida, so we got to see each other through that and other trips we would take. Both Kayleigh and my love language is quality time, so long distance has been interesting. We're in constant communication with one another, talking on the phone for around 3 hours a day, watching Netflix over skype and FaceTime together, and taking trips to see each other whenever we can. 

I knew I wanted to be with Kayleigh about a month after we met. I was driving home from a friends wedding in Virginia and it was getting late. Kayleigh wanted to make sure I got home okay, so she stayed up on the phone with me for hours until I finally pulled into my driveway around 4 AM. 

I knew for awhile I wanted to propose, but I wasn't sure how, I just knew I wanted really good pictures of when it happened. I wanted to remember the moment I asked Kayleigh to marry me. We had taken couples photos before, so I told Kayleigh that as a Christmas gift we could get photos done again. But I had met with Jake a few weeks before and told him to ask to see Kayleigh's engagement ring during the shoot, which resulted in my favorite photo of Kayleigh ever! (Now known as the "stank face" photo) 

The hardest part was keeping a secret from her. We share everything together, so I had to keep it to myself for 3 weeks that I had gone out and bought a ring for her. I just wanted to be able to talk to her about it. A funny story happened when I went to go pick up the ring and I almost instinctively talked to her about it, without realizing she'd wonder why I was in a jewelry store. 

It was eating me up inside and for a few days I seriously debated just dropping to one knee right when I picked her up from the airport so we could just be engaged already. But I'm happy I went with my original idea. I feel like my patience was paid off. 

From Kayleigh:

I've always known there was a larger reason I was suppose to meet Jarrod where and when I did. He came into my life at a time I was really struggling and has never left my side since. We've been able to conquer and survive all of these years we've known each other with the dedication and patience we've learned along the way. I think I knew for sure he was the one when I could tell how much he listened and truly cared for me. It's so hard to explain how someone who lives hundreds of miles away and who I've had limited actual time face-to-face felt so close to my heart. We've been invested in each other in every way, even through the distance. He's not only cared for me emotionally, physically, and mentally as I've journeyed these last few years, but also spiritually. He's been one of the first people to care about my walk and it's something I'll always hold closest to my heart. He's been a true blessing in my life, and I can't wait for the day I get to call him my husband.