Joey & Tatiana

Sometimes you plan using a specific location, and then you show up and that location is full of dead trees and vines and all around brown grossness. So, you improvise and rack your brain for a new location and, voila!!, you end up at a better location with better light and life and all around green greatness! Joey & Tatiana were our first 2016 engagement session and we're pretty excited with how things are starting out. Their wedding is also our first booked for 2017. We cannot wait and we are a little bummed that we have to wait so long to photograph these two again. But the wait will surely be worth it!

florida winter woodsy engagement session-1
florida winter woodsy engagement session-1
florida winter woodsy engagement session-2
florida winter woodsy engagement session-2
florida winter woodsy engagement session-3
florida winter woodsy engagement session-3

Here's a little bit about Joey & Tatiana, according to themselves...

When & how did you meet?

It's was Tati's freshman year and Joey's sophomore year at Florida State University. My (Tati) service club was participating in relay for life, and my "Big" invited her friends to come and visit us as we pulled our all nighter (Joey was part of that group.) After meeting and playing soccer and dancing and laughing for hours, we really hit it off. And the rest is history :)

When & how did you get engaged? 

Joey was already in Minneapolis after securing a job after graduation. Tati flew up to visit, as we'd planned to see each other before starting what we thought would be a long distance relationship (glad that didn't happen!) and take a road trip back down to Florida. While planning our whole trip, Joey made it clear that the four days we were spending in Minnesota were a complete surprise for me. He spent the days taking me sight seeing, eating awesome food, and finally on the second to last day (Saturday August 21) taking me to a small town called Stillwater that's right on an outlet of the Mississippi River, and absolutely beautiful. After taking a stroll on the water, I asked him if we could take a picture which perfectly lead to him asking a stranger to take a picture of us as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife :))))

When and where is your wedding? 

We will be getting married in February 2017 at The Palmetto Club at Fishhawk Ranch :)

Him as explained by her. 

Joey's my rock! He's funny and an absolute joker, but caring & such a gentle soul. He makes me the happiest and never seizes to make me feel amazing. I love it :) He loves soccer, football... really all sports! He is incredibly smart and has a job with WindLogics, a company who focuses in renewable energy. He's such a great friend and awesome son; our kids are going to be pretty cool.

Her as explained by him.

Tati completes me. She is kind, loving, caring, and will make an amazing future wife/mom! We share common goals in traveling, career ambitions, and where we see ourselves in the future. She enjoys cooking, eating, watching movies, and relaxing after working hard at her job. She works at the Weston hotel in downtown Minneapolis which perfectly fits her outgoing personality which helps her excel in her job. I am so proud to be her fiancé and am itching to come back to see her after a long day at work. I love her and can't imagine life without her.