Ethan & Sarah | Wedding

These two are such an amazing couple. They are incredibly sweet and very much in love with each other. Their wedding day was filled with great little moments that were so sincere and sweet. Ladies and gentlemen, Ethan & Sarah.

While we were editing these photos, Katie kept saying, "She's so cute!"

This was a 1,2,3 shot. If you've worked with us before, you know exactly what that means. One the count of 3, everyone had to strike a pose or do something crazy. Major props to Ethan's younger brother - the jumper!

Katie's POV.

Jake's POV.

LOVED this church.

Major props to Katie for snapping this portrait.

We absolutely loved how much time we got for Bride & Groom portraits with these two. Wish we had this much time at every wedding! We weren't rushed at all and that let us take time and come away with some really great shots. If we do say so ourselves...

Jakes' POV.

Katie's POV.

If you haven't noticed... we LOVE close ups.

Ethan and Sarah are just in their own world while everyone prepares for the next shot.

As you can see in the above picture, the inevitable Florida summer midday rain was rolling in, so we snapped a quick group shot before heading inside for the reception.

Sarah created so many sweet moments like this one...

A GREAT best man speech!

There is a story behind this picture...

The two one the left (Tara & Spencer) got married a few weeks before Ethan & Sarah. At their wedding, they took this same picture. A few weeks later, the two on the right (Oliver & Olivia) got married and we took the same picture. (Look for Oliver & Olivia's wedding in a few weeks!) If I'm not mistaken, these 6 took this picture at Graduation as well!

Ethan & Sarah had a quiet and special time of worship towards the end of their reception. It was really, really cool.

Meanwhile, this was happening...

Congratulations Ethan & Sarah! You guys were so great and we absolutely loved working with you, getting to know you, and becoming your friends. God bless you and your marriage!