Ethan & Michelle • Mackay Gardens Wedding • Lake Alfred, Florida

These are two special people here. We are thankful to have been their photographers, but even more thankful to have met and gotten to know them as people. They're seriously awesome. Ok, buckle up. This is a long post, but a good post. We're really proud of this wedding.

This here is Pippin. He is Michelle's 15-year-old pup and was the third most important person of the day. Yes, person. Come on, he is wearing a tie! You'll be seeing much more of him for sure.




Bride & Groom's names: Ethan & Michelle Gilmore

Wedding Date: January 17, 2015

Venue: MacKay Gardens and Lakeside Preserve Lake Alfred, Florida

From Ethan & Michelle…

Who made this day happen?

Planner/Coordinator: The Bride did all the planning but Kaley Henderson truly made the day go off without a hitch!

Hair & Makeup: The Bride: Miss. Savannah Lowe Bridesmaids: Themselves & Brooke Allen

Dress: Jacinda Gown by Watters purchased from The White Magnolia in Tampa, Florida (Seriously the most wonderful people!!)

Bridesmaid dresses: H&M! (the less money your bridesmaids have to spend- the happier they are!)

Flowers: The amazing Blossom and Twig Flowers by Anna Graham (aka the sweetest lady in the universe)

Stationary: Calico Creative w/ Flesh & Bone Design Ethan's amazing cousin Shanlie hand painted our beautiful watercolor invitations!

Officiant: Drew Bennett- Church of the Redeemer Winter Haven, Florida

Catering: I Wanna Wok Food Truck & Palace Pizza Food Truck

Cake: Club Pub (Cake Toppers: Calico Creative Yum Yum Cup Cake Truck:

DJ/Band: DJ Chuck Johnnson

Additional vendor, detail, etc. Rentals from US Tent Rentals (These guys were seriously amazing!)

What we danced to…

Down the aisle: January Wedding by The Avett Brothers. From the time we first started dating we'd always talked about wanting to be married in January because of this song. So we thought, why not!

Recessional: Where You Lead by Carole King (Because Gilmore Girls, duh.)

Reception Intro: Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest (Gotta get people hype, nah say?)

First Dance: The Nearness of You by Norah Jones & Marian McPartland

Father/Daughter: Skull Crusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton

Mother/Son: Misty by Wes Montgomery

Favorite memories of the day:

Michelle - Dancing! Dancing with my friends, with my family, and with my new husband! I loved seeing people out on the dance floor laughing together. My bridesmaids swigging Moscato from the bottle all morning as we got ready. Goof balls! Also our ceremony. We got so many compliments on Drew's sermon, and it was just everything I could have dreamed of. It was beautiful.

Ethan - The ceremony. It was pure bliss. Everyone you know comes together to witness this joyous, life altering event and everyone's just really happy.

Sweetest memory of the day:

Michelle - my mom pulled me to the side just before the ceremony to pray with me. It was so special to know that she'd been praying for this day and for the man I'd marry for 20 years. She's so precious to me.

Ethan - First look... first look was really sweet.

Funniest memory of the day:

Michelle - Someone was trying to get a huge group photo of the Gilmore side of the family and to get them to look at the camera Jake starts this ridiculous dance/hip-work behind the camera yelling "Look over here!" I was laughing so hard I cried. Jake Ford, you are a gem.

Ethan - My dad tried to pull me aside about fifteen minutes before the ceremony to give me "the talk”.

Advice for future brides: You can do it! Sometimes the planning feels like all too much but when the day comes and you get to see your groom and all the people there to celebrate you both, you're so over whelmed by the love that the last minute crafts you didn't get to fade away and you have the time of your life. I'd say relax but I wanted to punch every single person who said that to me leading up to the wedding day. So stress as much as you want! Cry because your envelopes are too dark to print on! Spend hours on crafts! Do it big! But know that your day will come and you will absolutely love it no matter what happens.

Advice for future grooms: Be patient and compassionate. Planning a large event can be stressful for your bride, so be loving to her in your gentleness.

Thanks goes out to...

Our parent’s - the four of you love us both so well and we are so thankful to you all for this day, for making it happen, and for being with us through it all. Bridesmaids - Thank you girls for keeping me calm and assuring me that everything would be perfect. Michelle's Dad - thanks for being the life of the party, rocking your kilt, and making sure everyone had booze. Kaley Henderson - thank you for recruiting people and making everything look perfect. As soon as we put the wedding in your hands we were stress free. Shanlie Wolter - Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to help in EVERY area. Everything looked beautiful, and it was thanks to you. And thanks for letting us use your children. Jake & Katie Ford - You guys. Thank you for making our day fun. Thank you for your friendship and advice leading up to our ceremony. And thank you for being the greatest photographers of all time- acid send offs, head cut off photos, and all. And finally, thank you to all of our friends and family for making this such a joy-filled day. It was the best day of our lives & we hope you had fun, too! All our love to you!

Here are some rare behind-the-scenes photos of us in action.

That awkward moment when you perfectly match the color scheme of the wedding party. Whoops! But hey, you gotta be prepared to fill in as best man!

Ethan & Michelle - thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! We are so happy to have been your wedding photographers and for your friendship. We hope you cherish these images for a lifetime!