Drew & Leigh Anna | Engagements

Drew & Leigh Anna flew in from Virginia for their engagement session and we were so, so excited for this session! Leigh Anna is Katie's cousin and was the Maid of Honor in our wedding. Drew & Leigh Anna are getting married this coming December in North Carolina and the amazing Shipra Panosian will be their wedding photographer! This session was really, really fun. We are excited to welcome Drew to the family! Ladies and gentlemen, Drew & Leigh Anna.

Are you kidding me, Leigh Anna?! Look at those blue eyes!

While the above amazingness was happening, so was the nonsense below....

I had been waiting to use this location for the perfect session and it was finally time to use it!!!

Katie's POV.


Katie showing Leigh Anna how to pose. To say Drew thought it was funny would be an understatement.

Whatever it takes to get the shot. Glad they were family!

Drew & Leigh Anna, we hope you guys love these pictures. We had a great time with you both and love you guys so much. Can't wait for December!