Jose & Stephanie • Downtown Tampa Engagement Session • Tampa, Florida

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Ok, if know Jose & Stephanie then you know this to be true, but they are seriously THE nicest. They were so incredibly kind to us during their session and ridiculously adorable with each other. We're seriously so excited for their wedding later this year!

When & how did you meet?

We met in October of 2011 at a Halloween party. Jose was hanging out in a corner as Stephanie approached him and asked why he was not dancing. His response was that he doesn’t dance to rap music. Out of her comfort zone, she asked him if he wanted to sit and talk. Boy, was Jose lucky she was feeling outgoing that night ! They talked about everything from majors to career goals, religious views and cultures. Then as the night ended, they went their separate ways but that wasn't the last time they would meet. They continued meeting up on the USF campus for coffee dates, study dates until they made it official in April of 2012.

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When & how did you get engaged?

We got engaged on October 9, 2015 in Manhattan, NY at St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was Jose’s first time in New York City, and he was going to make it a memorable one! After touring the city with Stephanie, her mom, sister and cousin they arrived at their final destination, the Cathedral. They went in and prayed together, as Jose prepared for the big moment. Stephanie had no idea what was about to happen and Jose was trying to keep his calm and nerves under control. Jose and Stephanie stayed behind while her family tried to prepare the scene as New Yorker’s roamed the busy streets. When they exited the Cathedral, Jose started to become very nervous, which made Stephanie grow suspicious that something was up. As Stephanie tried to keep walking to the next destination, Jose asked her to stay behind while he scrambled through his backpack, meanwhile sweating bullets. He finally found the ring, got down on one knee and popped the question! Her response wasn't "yes", it was "of course". It definitely did not go as planned, but it was perfect! They both agreed that this is by far the best day of their lives!

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When and where is your wedding?

Our wedding will be in November 2016. The ceremony will take place at St. Paul Catholic Church; there are many special memories that have been held at St. Paul’s so it will be great to add another memory to this meaningful and beautiful Church. The reception will be held at T.Pepin’s Hospitality Centre, they loved this location because it fits their romantic theme and the spacious venue will be perfect for all of their friends and family.

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Jose as explained by Stephanie.

Jose is my true blessing, I am certain God answered my prayers when he put him into my life. He is supportive, loving, outgoing, kind, dependable and so much more.  He has taught me so much about life just by the way he lives with such a calm approach and positive outlook. He is so simple at times when I make life too complicated. He can always manage to brighten up my day with a smile, laugh or his goofy self. Jose has demonstrated the meaning of true love and stood by me in the good and the bad. We compliment each other and share many similar values. I feel like I won the lottery the day he asked me to be his wife, I can’t wait to officially become his lifelong partner!

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Stephanie as explained by Jose.

An angel from God because she definitely is sweet, caring and loving. My best friend who I can go to about anything and can be myself. I get to be the hyper, high energetic, goofy person I am because I know she will laugh and enjoy it! I admire her commitment and determination to her career and lifelong goals. I love that she is a family orientated person who I know that one day she will be a good wife and a great mother. Best of all, her relationship with and love for God is something that I admire and love as well. I love you Stephy!

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Just as the sun was setting, we played Jose & Stephanie's song and asked them to dance together. Again, so so sweet!