Charlie & Kettie • Tampa Yacht Club Wedding • Tampa, Florida

Everything was picture-perfect for Charlie and Kettie's wedding and we are still talking about this special day. The Tampa Yacht Club offered a beautiful setting for these two to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends. Enjoy these pictures! 

Kettie: "Don't take the wedding too seriously!  Maybe it was just because it was our second wedding ceremony, but I decided early on to not let the details of the wedding stress me out.  I let my bridesmaids make their own decisions on shoes, hair, make up, even their dress styles.  Our groomsmen picked their own suits, and shoes.  It was more important to me that my friends were coming to have an amazing time and celebrate with us all weekend than for everyone to fall in line with decisions that I was making for them.  I think it made the weekend so much more enjoyable and laid back for everyone!
Our ceremony was officiated by our close friend, Dr. Ed Gomes, who has known Charlie and his family for almost over 15 years.  He has been so special to us for a very long time.  At our first wedding ceremony, we used the traditional vows.  At this ceremony, we decided to write our own as the affirmation of the vows we gave months before.
We got engaged right down the bay shore on the water and have spent a lot of time in Tampa.  It's a very special place to us!
It was also important to us that we took communion together again, as we had done in our first wedding ceremony.

We decided to make our reception less traditional and more of a big laid-back party for our friends and family.  We had fun food stations and a great bar.  Instead of traditional toasts, our friends ended up making it more of an open mic session, that was so special and funny. 

Thanks goes out to...
First and foremost our families, especially Kettie's, who were 100% on board with us deciding to get married 8 months earlier than expected, even when deposits had already been paid and plans had been made for the big event.  Both of our families supported our decisions and trusted that we were following the right path for our life together.
Also, our best friends, who made our entire weekend the most fun and memorable time of our life!  We are beyond blessed to call these people our best friends!