2015 Favorites: Families & Kids

We're starting off our 2015 Favorites series with Families & Kids. We worked with some really awesome families and seriously adorable kids this year. A huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you for allowing us into your lives. One of our favorite parts of being photographers is that we get a glimpse into the lives of each and every one of the families we photograph. What's even better is that this is usually at a very pivotal time in your lives, whether it be celebrating the birth of a baby, welcoming your new adopted children, or seeing family you haven't seen in years. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to witness your craziness, your laughter and most of all, your love for each other. Enjoy! jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-1 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-2 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-3 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-4 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-5 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-6 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-7 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-8 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-9 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-10 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-11 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-12 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-13 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-14 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-15 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-16 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-17 jake-and-katie-tampa-bay-family-portraits-18