2012 Recap (Plus something really special...)

Gosh, where to even start!? 2012 was such an amazing year!!!

We had some of the greatest weddings and met really, really incredible people. We were also able to travel to some great places like San Fransisco, CA, St. Louis, MO and Hoboken, NJ. As always, I like to post a recap blog with my favorite images from the past year, but this post is about not only 2012, but also looking forward into 2013.

When Katie and I moved down to Tampa, FL, we decided that it would be a good move for us to begin advertising on TheKnot.com.

We were unsure at first if it would be worth it and were nervous to be putting our efforts into this type of marketing. Man-o-man has it been worth it! As of today, we can officially announce that, based on the reviews we were given by our incredible clients, we have been chosen as one of the The Knot Best of Weddings 2013 Picks!

We are so incredibly thankful for what amazing clients we have and for all of their 5-stars-across-the-board reviews! For those of you who reviewed us, be keeping an eye out for a special thank you from us.

And now, please enjoy some of my favorite images and moments from the year 2012.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who reviewed us and to everyone who let us take their picture! We are incredibly thankful for our clients, friends and family who helped us receive this great honor and make it on this list! Here is to another amazing year in 2013!