Ybor City Engagement Session • Film & Digital Engagement Photos • Travis & Christina

Ybor City Engagement Session

Travis & Christina wanted to include the beauty of Historic Ybor City during their engagement shoot. These two were magic in front of our cameras and we can’t wait for their wedding next year!

We shot this session on both digital, edited with Mastin Labs Portra Pushed, and Portra 400 film with a Pentax 645n.

An Afternoon with Spenser & Kerry • At Home Lifestyle Session • Tampa Family Photographer


We got to spend an afternoon with these two (I say that like it's a rarity, these two are some of the best friends we'll ever have and we get to spend time with them alllllll the time....) But this was different!! We wanted to capture them in their home and we wanted to shoot the entire session on film. So that's what we did!!

We started things off by having them write each other short poems and read them. To say that their poems were a true expression of their love would be an understatement. They include such beautiful lines as "Your muscles are great" and "You have red hair." Have you ever read such beautiful words of love?! Haha!!

Ok enough joking around. Here's the Hensels at home!!

Photographed on Portra 400 & 800 with Pentax 645n. Scanned and developed by The FIND Lab.