Caleb & Morghan • Proposal • Tampa, Florida

A few weeks back, Katie played paparazzi and captured Caleb's sweet and personal proposal to Morghan. We're so excited for these two and their future together! Be sure to read all about the proposal, as told by Caleb & Morghan, at the bottom of this post.

Congratulations, Caleb & Morghan!

Describe the proposal (the plan behind it, any special details, your feelings before and after, etc.)

The proposal was a long process that I had to keep close to the belt. I was having the ring made by a friend who used to go to our church, so I could get Morghan exactly what she liked. But, all of this planning did come at a price. I constantly had to tell her that things weren't lining up financially, the ring was taking longer than expected, etc. Even with all of the planning, I didn't feel nervous….until I got the ring; then things started to actually seem real. The week before, I told her that my friend and I had found a park that would be a perfect place to take Christmas pictures. She didn't find this odd, since I drag her along and take pictures of her all of the time, so I had that on my side. Leading up to the engagement, I noticed that Morghan really hadn't mentioned wedding plans in a while, which made me think maybe she knew something. So, naturally, I had to crush her hopes to keep it a surprise. That morning, she did actually bring up the topic of engagement and how much she wanted to get married and start our life together. I played into it, and told her there had been complications with the ring and it wouldn't be done in time to propose by the end of the year, like I had hoped. Morghan took it pretty hard and we had a rough morning. Once things mellowed out, I asked her to get ready, so we could go have a nice day together. I told her I had made dinner plans for later, and that she may want to dress up a bit. She obliged willingly, although I could tell she was still thinking about our conversation.

After some quick Christmas shopping, we drove over to the park. When we arrived, Morghan looked at me and said "Oh this is the park? We've driven by this about a thousand times." I tried to convince her that the lighting looked great, with the sun coming through the trees. She gave me an uncertain "Ok, if you say so...," as we drove around to find parking. Once we parked and began walking, I found a spot where I could see Katie, and thought would be a good angle for her to get the pictures. I pulled out my camera, took a couple pictures of Morghan, and then lied one last time, and said "Oh hold on, my battery is about to die." As I bent down to my camera bag, I asked Morghan to turn around and look off into the distance, so I could "check the lighting."Once she turned around, I proceeded to fumble around in the camera bag for the ring box and my charged battery. I changed the battery, and then kept focusing my camera so it would make the focusing noise it does. As I was clicking the button, I got down on one knee. I asked Morghan to turn back around to face me. When she turned around, she didn't look immediately down at me. While she was twisting her fingers through her hair, looking everywhere but at me, I finally said "Babe...." That's when she finally looked down, and realized what I had been preparing for for months. Once I had asked her to marry me, she pulled me to my feet, and hugged me, letting out a laugh/cry of excitement. I laughed and told her "I still need an answer from you." It was then she told me "Yes, of course!" She hugged me again and her crying/laughing self said, "it was so quick, can you do it again?! I wish someone were here to take a picture of it." I looked at her and said, "Well, why don't you just ask Katie... she's right behind you." Morghan turned to see Katie standing off in the distance, waving and smiling. Once Katie came over and took more pictures, Morghan and I went to the dinner reservations I told her I had made for us (at least I was honest about that).

Caleb had been asking about ring size and style preference since this past summer, and I was admittedly getting my hopes up that he might propose by the end of the year. We had already discussed when we wanted to get married, based on school/graduation, when I’d be done with my ARNP boards, etc. Around our three-year dating anniversary, we began having more difficult, emotional conversations, which were usually a direct result of my Type A impatience and overall feeling of anxiousness to start our married life together. There came a point when I finally realized that obsessing over getting married was futile, and that I needed to completely surrender all of MY desires, be faithful, and trust in God’s timing. Of course, I was doing great at not mentioning anything engagement-related, until the morning of the proposal…how ironic. I woke up, and was struggling with negative thoughts, and feelings of frustration at not being any closer to being married. Caleb listened to my concerns, and tried to reassure me that it would happen. He said I just had to be patient for a little while longer. He then proceeded to tell me that the engagement would most likely not happen until next year, due to some unexpected “bumps in the road.” He said that the ring was in process, but that despite his plans, some things were just out of his control. Let me just say, he should win an Oscar for his performance, because I believed every word.  

Leaving the house, I was still upset by what Caleb had said, but was determined not to let my disappointment ruin our fun day and weekend together. We headed to Hyde Park to grab lunch and do some Christmas shopping.  Caleb had mentioned the week before that he wanted to take Christmas pictures, so we headed to a nearby park, at 4, which he always says is the best time, the “golden hour.” I was completely unsuspecting as we walked to the middle of the park, he set down his camera bag near a tree, and started snapping pictures of me, trying to “get the lighting just right.” He had asked me to turn around, and when he instructed me to face him, he was kneeling, with the ring in hand (shaking), with tears in his eyes. He asked me to be his, forever, and I said “YES!” In that moment, that I had so desperately been waiting for, I had never felt so sure of anything in my life. All of the doubt, pressure, and anxiety fell away. I was so overwhelmed with joy, that my best friend, the man I am so in love with, chose me to build a life with.  

Caleb, when did you know that Morghan was the one?

On my birthday of 2013, we were watching a movie, after a great day of birthday surprises Morghan had planned for me. It was late, and she had fallen asleep. We hadn't said "I love you" yet, and we didn't want to say it too soon (even though I already knew I did). While she was sleeping, I leaned over and whispered "I love you, ya know.” The next night we were pulling up to church, and she sheepishly looks at me, and says “I have a confession to make.” When I asked what she meant, she said “I heard you when you said I love you last night." Sitting there, embarrassed as I was, she smiled, grabbed my shoulders and said "I love you too!” That's when I knew she was the one.

Morghan, same question about Caleb:
On our first date, we had plans to go walk on Clearwater beach, relax and talk for while, and then go to dinner. Prior to the weekend before, we had never met, or even hung out among friends, so I was excited, but more nervous as we’d be spending an entire evening together. Caleb picked me up to go to Clearwater, where we ended up spending five hours wandering through the shops, walking along the beach, and getting to know each other. Before we knew it, it was midnight, and we hadn’t even thought about going to dinner! The only place we could think to go was Bahama Breeze, which was open late. We sat and talked more about family, the future, likes, dislikes, etc. for another two hours. I remember feeling so at ease when talking with Caleb, and definitely caught myself blushing multiple times. I had never connected with anyone like I did him. He was so sweet, humble, and such a fun person to be with. I just wanted to stay in that booth forever, learning more about him, and what made him tick. It was that night, that I knew I wanted to be a part of his life forever. We still go back to Bahama Breeze each year for our anniversary, to remind us of our amazing first date. 

Tell us a little about your relationship (how did you meet, what do you like to do together, favorite thing about dating, etc.)

Morghan: (on how we met)
We met on Memorial Day of 2013 at Madeira Beach during a “Beach Day,” hosted by the college age ministry at our church. We had actually both attended the same college age events in the past, however had never even seen each other, which I still can’t believe. At the beach, we were playing corn-hole with friends, when we ended up on the same team. We made small talk for a while, played some volley ball, and hung out on and off throughout the rest of the day. That evening, when my best friend/roommate and I got back to our house, I noticed Caleb had sent me a friend request on Facebook. I couldn’t stop thinking of him, and our day at the beach. That Tuesday, the college age ministry met for summer service projects, where dinner is always provided after all of us meet back in the loft at church. I was discreetly searching for Caleb in the crowd, knowing from our conversation at the beach that he’d be there. I finally saw him from a distance, and decided to sit with some friends to see if he’d make the first move to say hello. The grin on my face was probably so obvious when he showed up at our table moments later and I scooted over to make room. 

Caleb: (cont.)
I originally told my friend that I wasn't sure if I should go over and talk to her (I was very intimated because of how pretty she was) and my friend decided to quote a movie that we had just seen in theaters. He looked at me and said "Man, you gotta be a doer. Don't be a don'ter, be a doer." Taking my friend's words of wisdom, I puffed my chest up, grabbed my chair, and brought it over and sat next to her to talk. The rest is history.

Both: (on what we like to do together)
The real question is what don't we like doing together? We work out together, we LOVE finding new restaurants to try, and exploring new places. We are definite Star Wars fans, so we’ve watched all of the movies together multiple times. We love dogs (a lot), so we always go to the puppy store and get our puppy fix for a little while until we're able to have a dog of our own. We love traveling together, going out for the night, or staying in. Sometimes on lazy afternoons we’ll sit around and play Playstation. We enjoy shopping, and wandering around the Tampa outlet mall. Even before getting engaged, we’ve loved going to model homes to look and get ideas for our “someday” home. Did we mention Star Wars?

Morghan: what I love most about our relationship
Caleb and are admittedly so different, yet our personalities have always meshed so perfectly. Loving him, and living life along side him, is so easy. In the three and a half years we’ve dated, our relationship has stood the test of many changes, from job transitions, challenging school semesters, death, loss, excitement and stress. Caleb is such a kindhearted, strong, and compassionate man, who I am always proud to call mine. He is such a caring, thoughtful person, one who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. Caleb is a born leader, to whom his friends look to for support and companionship. I have loved witnessing his growth as a man of God, in the way he leads and encourages me. His light-heartedness helps me get through the most frustrating times, and he has come to know exactly how to comfort me or be the listening ear I need. I feel most like myself when he’s around, and there’s no one else I’d rather live and enjoy life with. 

Caleb: what I love most about our relationship
My favorite part about dating Morghan has been getting to see her heart for the Lord and for others. She constantly puts others before herself and has such a heart of gold. She constantly encourages me to be a better person and to give everything I do 100%. People talk about how the perfect significant other doesn't exist. But when you find someone who loves the Lord, Star Wars, Fitness, and food as much as I do, I would say it's safe to say I've found my unicorn.