Brian & Raquel • Cross Creek Ranch Wedding • Dover, Florida

We have so loved getting to know and spend time with Brian & Raquel. From FaceTiming to their rainy engagement session to their beautiful wedding day, they have incredibly kind and super fun!

We can't really talk about Brian & Raquel without mentioning their two sweet little boys. They are wonderful parents and you'll see that as you scroll through this post. They made sure that the boys were involved in many aspects of the wedding, even their first dance!

We've got to give a shout out to the wonderful staff at Cross Creek Ranch for running such a well oiled machine and to our friends Leo & Brittany of Rad Red Creative. It is always a joy to work with you guys! (See their video from Brian & Raquel's wedding at the end of this post!)

From the bride & groom...

Reliving the day

What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding day? My favorite part of the wedding ceremony was during the washing of the feet. It was a really intimate moment, to kneel before each other, and -through our actions - just show the love Christ has for us is something we are striving for with each other. It was a moment of humility and sacrifice for each other, which has been something we have experienced throughout our courtship and hope to bring into our marriage as well. During the reception was towards the end of the night dancing. It really felt like so much love and happiness was being shared by all of our guests.

What were some of the sweetest memories from your wedding day? The sweetest memory was sharing our first dance with our sons. They are such an important part of our relationship, love, and marriage and really bound us together as parents as we shared our love for each other through the love we have for them.

What were some of the funniest memories from your wedding day? The speeches were great, having the guys and girls lift each of us up in competition, and when Brian leap frogged and ate it.

What is something that happened on your wedding day that you didn't expect? I didn't expect to be so swept away in emotions. Since this was our second marriage, each new and beautiful thing we experience is awe-inspiring since we are now realizing what it truly means to be in love and to be bound with our best friend.

Advice for future brides: Don't concentrate on little details that you believe are flawed. Marriage is flawed but it is learning to make something beautiful out of it.

Advice for future grooms: Enjoy the moment, be with your family and friends, focus on your wife to be and relax and enjoy the day.

Thanks goes out to...
Our families for all their support and love, our friends for welcoming our spouses into each others groups, the staff at Cross Creek for doing an amazing job, and the great vendors who pulled together such a memorable, gorgeous, detailed day.

All the details...

Brian is city and I am country. We compromised by putting together a sophisticated, earthy, rustic wedding, with touches of old city charm.

The Bride.
Wedding dress was from Davids Bridal, sweetheart neck line, lane and beading, open back, mermaid silhouette, and short train. I had a double veil, so one was the blusher for down the aisle. I did my own hair and make-up (yay youtube) and even used false lashes that didn't look half bad (in my opinion).

The Groom.
Suit was purchased from Express in a dark gray. He wore a white shirt and brown shoes

The Bridesmaids.
A lot of my bridesmaids were coming from out of town. Most of us have bonded over the fact that we are low fuss. So when it came time to pick a dress, I went with an infinity maxi dress from Etsy in a dark, dusty blue (navy/midnight ish). Each bridesmaid went ahead and tailored the dress to best fit their comfort. Hair and make up was also done simple and by them, adding another level of comfort for them. Hair was half up and down.

The Groomsmen.
A lot of these men have known Brian since college. They have bonded over schooling, life changes, and cultural similarities. About half lived out of state but had no question to fly to be by Brian's side (even though two had to leave newborns to be there for him). Suit and shoes were the same as his.

The Music.
Brian and I differ in music so it was difficult to find songs we agreed with. I love folk/acoustic music and that fit the venue well but I still wanted Brian to like what we chose. We quickly agreed on music for ceremony, bridal party down the aisle and myself down the aisle, bridal party intro for the reception. But we labored over the ceremony exit song and our first dance song. Nathanael (our older) actually helped us with the exit song (Edward Sharpe - Home) and Brian found the first dance song during Hurricane Matthew when we lost power and we had nothing to do except spend hours on youtube searching ( Landon Austin - Once in a lifetime).
Other songs included: Bruno Mars (marry you), Iron and Wine (love and some verses), Matt Corby ( letters ), Lava song from Pixar for me and my kids (when we saw Inside out, Nathanael thought the boy volcano was waiting for his mommy and he said that it was us in the movie), Ellie Goulding (Your Song) My mom sang this for me when I was born (Elton John version) and so I wanted to dance with both of my parents for this, Favorite Things (instrumental) Brian's mom (now deceased) used to sing this to him and he honored her by dancing with his grandmother (who also helped raise him)

The Ceremony.
Brian and I had already been married in the Catholic church just 3 days prior so we really were able to relax (a little) and be creative with our second ceremony. We decided to do the washing of the feet (something that really captures the Christian spirit) and have our sons assist in exchanging Bibles with each other. We wrote our own vows to add to those we gave in the Catholic Church.

The Reception.
It was awesome. That's basically it.

Who made this day happen?

Planner's Name: Nancy Spooner from Cross Creek

Designer's Name: Jessica from Cross Creek
Why did you choose this designer? She is the lead designer there and she did such a great job. Truly beautiful and sweet person. We even invited her to our wedding so we can share some love with her and she can see the beauty of her finished work. Creative and imaginative.

Florist's Company: Alta Flora
Why did you choose this florist? Came with the venue but they did an absolutely creative and imaginative job that really pulled together so many colors and elements that added dimension to the already gorgeous decor.

Caterer's Name: Vesh
Why did you choose this caterer? Came with venue but they were very professional during tasting and really helped to cater (haha) to our needs and wishes and worked with us a lot to bring about a mesh of cultural tastes and favorites

Bakery's Name: Alessi
Why did you choose this bakery? Also came with venue. The tasting was great and thorough and we decided to go with the idea of a dessert spread rather than just one cake, allowing guests to pick from favorites.

Videographer's Name: Leo & Brittany Trevino of Rad Red Creative
Why did you choose this videographer? I saw their name listed at the venue and when I looked them up, I was blown away. It felt like watching my favorite music video and love story unfold before my eyes. Truly talented.