Brett & Amy • Station House Wedding • St. Pete, Florida

Brett & Amy were married at a super cool venue in St. Petersburg called Station House. We LOVE shooting at this venue not only because of the awesome aesthetic and atmosphere, but because it allows our couples to have their ceremony and reception in the same location. This is a HUGE time saver and allows for more time for authentic moments, portraits and taking our time to creating real images.

They started things off getting ready with their wedding party and families at yet another super cool spot in St. Pete - Avalon Hotel. This place is so unique and was perfectly fitting for Brett & Amy's personalities.

"I loved having the morning with my girls. My bridemaids are my closets friends. I chose them because they are all fun-loving, kind people who are drama free!
He wore a tux because I asked him to, ha. He looks so good in a tux! All the groomsmen had individualized cuff links. Brett's cufflinks were a reference to one of his favorite professional wrestlers, Razor Ramon."
"Station House itself was a huge source of inspiration for me. It provided beautiful character we needed to help set the tone of our wedding. We chose Station House for both our ceremony and reception because they offered different spaces where we could have both and not have our guests have to move to a different location."
"I bought my dress at the Dressing Room in St. Pete. It wasn't what I had envisioned wearing at all -- but once I put it on I knew it was the one!"

Brett took great care to get a gift that was perfect for each one of his groomsmen. We love how much thought was put into these gifts!

Our ceremony was unique because our best friend Nick agreed to officiate it. He was able to speak to our love like no other because he's been there since the beginning. We wrote our own vows and didn't know what the other had written until we heard it at the ceremony.

Brett & Amy channeling their inner Queen B.

"Our reception was fun and traditional. People had a good time and were always dancing. Our first dance was to Tony Bennett's "The Way You Look Tonight." We did a last dance alone on the roof top to Prince's "Diamonds and Pearls." I surprised one of my father's with our first dance song, Sweet Melissa. I'm named after that song (middle name) and my father forgot that I knew that."

What were some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

Amy: I loved having the morning with my girls. I loved all the private moments I had with Brett -- from our little whispers to each other at the altar to our last dance together on the roof. 
Brett: I loved getting ready with my groomsman. Seeing Amy for the first time in her gown walk down the aisle was amazing. Taking photos with my closest family members, especially my grandmother.

What is something that happened on your wedding day that you didn't expect?

I didn't expect the hotel shuttle to take 45 minutes to arrive to take us less than a mile away to the venue, especially after I had spoken to the hotel on 4 separate occasions about whether the shuttle would be available and able to take us to the venue in a timely fashion! The groom and his groomsmen ended up taking Uber!

Advice for future brides & grooms:

Trust your gut. Try to find common ground in all things -- even things you disagree on.

Anything else? Feel free to share anything you'd like about your wedding day here...

It's not going to be perfect, and at the end of it all you won't care.

Thanks goes out to...

Our officiant Nick. He's not only our best friend, but was kind enough to become a minister to be the one who made our love official. Our amazing bridal party, groomsmen, and their significant! They were all amazingly supportive and there for every step of the way. Also -- our dear friends Kim and Matt Apthorp, the parents of our flower girl Sidney Apthorp. They singlehandedly put out so many fires and fixed so many issues, often before I realized it was a problem.

Check out Brett & Amy's wedding video by Rad Red Creative: