andrew & amber \\ engagement

This may have been the most fun we have ever had during an engagment session. I actualy think we laughed more than we took pictures. Amber is a great friend of ours from YouthQuest. She is hilarious and adorable and has found the perfect match in Andrew. They were magic in front of the camera. I think I just kept saying, "This is awesome. This is awesome."

We took them into Downtown Lynchburg and did some discovering, found some great locations, and started snapping away. These two were so natural and relaxed and happy together! That's why we love them!!!


This was hysterical. A train starting coming and we wanted to get some shots with it in the background. So we BOOKED it over to the train track. I was laughing so hard as I was running backwards snapping shots of Andrew and Amber running.


Andrew and Amber, we had such an awesome time with you two. We were so blessed to be able to catch up with you two and spend some quality time together. We love you guys and CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!!!!!