Alex & Anna • 801 E Main/The Poor Porker Engagement Session • Lakeland, Florida

We had recently been to 801 E Main with the Florida Film Takeover a few weeks prior to this session and we knew it would be the perfect spot for Alex & Anna's engagement session. These two are perfectly quirky and we loved getting to hang out with them for a bit. We may or may not have ended the night with delicious Mexican food and a few episodes of Jane the Virgin. Which is one of those garbage shows that you hate but can't stop watching.

Anyway, say hey to Alex & Anna!

When & how did you meet?

We met at a Christmas party, but became friends during our high school graduation and when he started coming to the Tree.

When & how did you get engaged?

Anna: Alex had the opportunity to go to Germany to intern at Audi! He was there for 6 months so in September, I went to visit. His Aunt Sabine works at a place called the Island of Mainau (Flower Island) so we went there the first day I was there! I thought we were just gonna walk around, look at flowers and eat some food. I was wrong! After looking at flowers, his Aunt Sabine let us into the castle on the island. It’s owned by the royal family of Sweden and not open to the public, but she works there so we got a private tour! We walked around the castle, which is beautiful. We got to the Green Parlor when everyone disappeared in different ways and it was just Alex and I. He told me to come into the next room, which I didn’t because I was afraid we weren't allowed in there, haha. He got me in there eventually. It was the Pink Parlor in the castle. There were vases of sunflowers and he got down on one knee and said lots of nice things, then bam. We’re engaged. 

Alex: I had the blessing and amazing opportunity to intern with Audi in Ingolstadt Germany. Over the six months that I was there, away from Anna, I realized that although both of our a-type personalities allowed us to be successfully independent, but there was this very empty feeling in my soul that said “This is great, but something is still missing.” Like a tea cup needs its tea, a skater needs his shoes, a soldier his family, so did I need Anna, for although all these things can work independently, they work exponentially better in combination. It was in Germany that I realized she was the love of my life and so after a phone call with her father and many talks with my parents for guidance, the stage was set. The ring was sent overseas concealed with Anna’s Mother. The first day Anna arrived to Germany to visit me, I took advantage of her dampened senses from the jet-lag and proposed to her on the Island of Mainau. I needed to take advantage of her sleep-deprivation because of her incredible perception (and because I have a very bad poker-face). Thanks to the help of my Aunt Sabine and Uncle Michael, the proposal was pulled off without alerting Anna to what was going on. The island is home to the Baron and Baroness of the Island whom graciously allowed me to propose inside the island’s castle that is closed off to the public. (secret keys are with my Aunt Sabine). In conclusion, SHE SAID YES! 

When & where is your wedding?

December 2017 at the Rialto Theater in Tampa, Florida

Alex as explained by Anna:

Alexander has the biggest heart and so much love to give. He loves to tinker and create things, he’s incredibly smart. He always has a new project he’s working on. He challenges me to be the best version of myself. Alexander loves to explore and try new things, as well as chill out and watch TV. Most importantly, he loves the Lord and has been the biggest blessing in my life. I’m so grateful for him and the man he is.

Anna as explained by Alex:

A woman of logic, who thinks with her head before acting with her emotion is a rare gift. Strong, encouraging, perceptive, thoughtful, diligent; these are all words that can describe Anna Crookston. Although quick to state her opinion, she is always the first to comfort her friends and offer sympathy and understanding. The heart she has for the special needs children she takes care of and the patience she shows them is incredibly endearing. Anna loves to give things away. Before she thinks of buying things for herself she thinks of others (me a lot of times) first. She enjoys watching TV, listening to music, is a gifted singer and artist, and is sharp as a whip. The love and respect I have for her is hard to formulate into words.