An Afternoon with Spenser & Kerry • At Home Lifestyle Session • Tampa Family Photographer


We got to spend an afternoon with these two (I say that like it's a rarity, these two are some of the best friends we'll ever have and we get to spend time with them alllllll the time....) But this was different!! We wanted to capture them in their home and we wanted to shoot the entire session on film. So that's what we did!!

We started things off by having them write each other short poems and read them. To say that their poems were a true expression of their love would be an understatement. They include such beautiful lines as "Your muscles are great" and "You have red hair." Have you ever read such beautiful words of love?! Haha!!

Ok enough joking around. Here's the Hensels at home!!

Photographed on Portra 400 & 800 with Pentax 645n. Scanned and developed by The FIND Lab.

Kyle & Victoria's Engagement Photos at Armature Works • Tampa Wedding Photographer

Armature Works Engagement Photos

How We Met:

Kyle will tell you that the first time he saw me and had a crush on me was Halloween 2009.. We were at a party and he used his signature college move, "Do you want to be my beer pong partner?" Well, my answer was no…(whoops! lol) but needless to say 2 years later in 2011 at the same apartment for another Halloween party I would tell him yes and give him my number so we could meet up to watch an Eagles Cowboys game the next couple weeks. 

A couple weeks later we had our first real date which consisted of hitting golf balls at the driving range, playing basketball in the USF athletics gym, eating hush puppies from Long John Silvers, and the best meal I could cook at the time, Velveeta mac and cheese. 

That first day was a perfect glimpse of what was to come.. We were only supposed to hang out for a little bit but once we were together we never wanted to be apart. I can honestly say that over 6+ years later I still want to spend all my time with him no matter what we are doing. 

In the last 6 years I've learned to cook a lot more than just mac and cheese, we sat next to each other as we graduated USF with our bachelors degrees, got our puppy baby Finnley, have moved into 2 new apartments together, traveled to Disney hundreds of times, and to see our favorite teams at Eagles and Cowboys games all over the country. I am so excited for all the future adventures that life as husband and wife will hold. 

How He Asked:

Vick always told me that she wanted to be around her family for a proposal when we had first met so I thought what better time than Super Bowl Sunday in her home town. I had figured out that I wanted to propose somewhere in downtown Philadelphia but not really sure how it would work or where would be a good spot for pictures. Lucky for me Vick’s sister in law Brandy basically took the reins and planned the whole thing (she even sent a full blown itinerary of what the day would look like). Thanks Brandy!!! 

It was Super Bowl Sunday in Philadelphia, and as a HUGE, die hard Eagles fan it was already an electric day to be in the city with my whole family. We had plans to head into the city and grab brunch at Nineteen. I was so excited to start the day celebrating my team being in the Super Bowl. My sister in law was the master planner with my fiancé and they told me our reservation was at 9:45 and when we parked at 9:40 I knew we had to hustle over to the restaurant! As we were walking my mom had made it clear she wanted a family picture since all of us were together. We stopped on an median right in front of City Hall and “a stranger”  was there to take a family picture. After a family picture Kyle looked at me and said do you want a picture of just us two? He knows I never turn down a good photo op. As we are taking a picture I look to my right and see that he is down on one knee in front of my whole family asking me to marry him. It was such a dream I couldn’t believe it. Only to make it better, my team went on to win the Super Bowl a couple hours later! BEST. DAY. EVER. 

Kyle explained by Vick:

Kyle truly is my best friend. So cliché, but so true. He is sweet and loving and he knows how to celebrate with me at my best times and handle me at my worst. He is also the best baby daddy to our puppy Finnley, I love how sweet and caring he is to our pup and I know he is going to be the best Dad ever to a whole bunch of kiddos in the future! I could not picture my life with anyone else. We have the so many of the same dreams and goals for our future. He pushes himself so hard in everything that he does, and is always inspiring me to work harder and be the best version of myself. I love that Kyle always calls me his princess and is always up for an adventure. He is passionate and thoughtful and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him! 

Vick explained by Kyle:

Vick can walk in to a room full of strangers and make best friends with everyone in the room. She has an infectious personality that people just want to be around. I love that she can make friends with a group of guys talking about sports, or have a fun night out with the girls talking about Real Housewives. I love her ambition, you will never see her settle for second best and she is always striving for more. I love how kind and caring she is, especially with children. After more than 6 years I still find myself loving her more and more each day. Being around Vick brings out the best in me and I am so excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with her taking on new adventures. 

Josh & Ashley's Engagement Photos in Downtown Tampa, Florida

Daniel & Rebecca • Private Residence Engagement Photos • Clearwater, Florida

Fresh air + open fields + these two = a dream engagement session. We couldn't have asked for a better evening to capture Daniel & Rebecca's engagement pictures! 

When & how did you meet?

We met on the first day of 9th grade in first period Spanish class (my assigned seat was right behind him). It wasn’t until a year later when we realized we kinda sorta might like each other as more than just friends (and we weren’t technically allowed to “date” until we turned 16). We dated for about 2 years and then spent a couple of years apart doing our own thing and focusing on school. We reconnected during our sophomore year of college after I saw his mom’s post that said he would be home from school for the weekend. I spontaneously texted him to see if he would want to come up to Tally as my date for a function. He didn’t end up coming, but we have talked every single day since!

Rebecca as explained by Daniel

Rebecca is the embodiment of love. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out. She is selfless, always thinking of others before herself. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time for others, to the point of making it seem effortless. Rebecca brings the best out of me and I cannot thank her enough for that. Above all Rebecca is very strong in her faith, as a result radiating happiness and love in our daily lives. Rebecca is the love of my life and I cannot wait to spend all my days with her. I cannot wait to have the honor of being her husband and father to her children. 

Daniel as explained by Rebecca.

Daniel has the BIGGEST heart and the purest intentions. He is compassionate, thoughtful, loyal, and patient. He has a passion for helping others and is quick to put someone else’s needs before his own. He challenges me to look beyond self-doubt and to pursue things that make me happy. Daniel is not someone who would ever try to change who I am. Instead, he has unknowingly opened my eyes to the ways that I can change and the ways I want to change, by his acceptance of my imperfections and his willingness to forgive. He teaches me about sports, takes me on adventures, laughs with me, prays with me, and reminds me to slow down and enjoy life one day at a time. Daniel is my best friend and I cannot wait to love and honor him always, as his wife!

When and where is your wedding?

We’re getting married on April 21, 2018 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Dunedin, Florida. Having our wedding there was a given - Daniel’s family has been part of the OLL community for over 20 years, two of his older sisters were married there, my parents were married there 31 years ago, and my dad even went to elementary school there!

Anthony & Bria • Beach Sunset Engagement Photos • Clearwater, Florida

With impending rain (welcome to Florida in the summer...), we were nervous for how much we'd be able to shoot with Anthony & Rain but the rain ended up making this session even better! We got just the right amount to make things even better!

We started things off with Anthony & Bria at her parents house in Clearwater with their dog Bailey, who was just as great as can be.

When & how did you meet?

Anthony will tell you that we met for the first time riding together on a two and a half hour drive to Fort Myers for his fraternity formal. While that is technically true, we didn’t see each other for the rest of the weekend so I don’t think that counts. We REALLY met a month later when my date cancelled to my own formal and I needed a new date last minute. Two of my friends were dating Anthony’s best friends and suggested I take him. He seemed nice enough, and I figured if he turned out to be lame I could just ditch him with his friends! There was an instant connection at formal and we danced the night away! (or tried to) 6 years later and we can’t wait to (try to) dance the night away at our WEDDING

When & how did you get engaged?

In December Anthony and I bought our first house. Even though I had never mentioned it to Anthony, before we purchased our home he made it very clear that if we were going to buy a house an engagement would be at least 2 years or so away. I was in no rush, we had been together for almost 6 years at that point and purchased a home, an engagement could wait. 2 months into our life in our new home, Anthony insisted we have a house warming party. I tried to put it off because I wanted the house to be perfect, but he wouldn’t let me off the hook (even once claiming that April was too warm to have a house warming party) so I gave in. Then a few days prior to the party, Anthony suggested having just our close friends and family over early for a toast. I thought he was just being sentimental about our new house so I agreed and he coordinated it. Once all of our friends and family had arrived we went on to the front porch for pictures. I was holding our puppy so I didn’t notice when Anthony dropped to one knee. I was in total shock. After the hugs and the tears, Anthony had coordinated with my friends to bring decorations and treats and our house warming party turned into an engagement party! I guess that’s why he kept making excuses about having a party sooner than later!

When and where is your wedding?

Wedding will be in March 2018 at Sunken Gardens.

Anthony as explained by Bria.

Being with Anthony is effortless, his kind, caring heart and warm personality make him one of the most genuine people I have ever met. When you meet Anthony, you feel like you are instantly best friends and have known each other for years. He has such an infectious personality.  I always joke that Anthony could make a wall talk back to him if he tried. He keeps you on your toes, making sure you are laughing and having a good time. He is loving and very sentimental (something he thinks he keeps under wraps, but it beams from him all the time) He is driven, always seeking to better himself. He is my perfect man and best friend. I can’t wait to marry him. 

Bria as explained by Anthony.

Bria is the sweetest person I have ever met. She is beautiful and kind, she is brilliant and funny. But above all, Bria is the most honest and kind-hearted person in the world. She always puts others before herself, often going out of her way to make sure others don’t have to. She decided to become a nurse because she loves helping people, especially women and babies. She always teases me and says she wants 5-6 little babies. (At least I hope she’s teasing…) Bria is always happy and always knows how to put a smile on my face. I love her more than anyone or anything in this world, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.