David & Cailyn • Seminole Heights Engagement Session • Tampa, Fl


When & how did you meet?

We met nearly 4 years ago at a house-warming party for my former manager that happened to be his former roommate. We were introduced by our mutual friend, but did not actually talk to each other until later that evening. Near the end of the night, David managed to fall and hurt his knee. He obviously couldn’t pedal his bike back to his place, so he asked me for a ride home. The next day, he texted me after getting my phone number from our friend and asked me to go on a date with him. We’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

When & how did you get engaged?

Our engagement story isn’t an elaborate one, but rather simple and sweet. Our schedules rarely align, so when they do, we try to make the most of our day together. We had planned an activity-filled day for Saturday, May 14th, 2016: brunch at a new restaurant, disc-golfing, a quick shopping trip, and a visit to Lowry Park Zoo. The morning of, we were relaxing in bed before starting our day. When David realized I was awake, I heard something squeak then appear in front of my face - a ring box. He asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes! We spent the rest of the day as planned and had tons of fun as a newly engaged couple.

When and where is your wedding?

Our wedding is in May 2017 at Lowry Park Zoo. The zoo holds so many great memories for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to get married there. Two weeks after our first date, David asked me to be his girlfriend in front of the manatees there. Since then, we visit as often as we can and attend all of their events; and as you already know, we went to the zoo the day we were engaged. It only makes sense to celebrate our biggest milestone yet with our family and friends at one of our favorite places.

David as explained by Cailyn.

David is the guy that walks into a room and becomes friends with everyone there. He relishes the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and has the most entertaining stories. Every day, he comes home excited to tell me the newest thing he learned - or the crazy thing that happened at work. His ambition and passion for growth are two of his greatest qualities. He encourages me to reach beyond my goals and dreams, and has been my #1 cheerleader through the good times and bad. He is always there to celebrate my successes and motivate me when I’m ready to give up. I could continue to go on about my admiration for his intelligence, his humor, his quick wit, and his love for our dog, Laila; and I still would not be able to fully express how great of a person he is. As cliche as it sounds, David truly is my best friend and I cannot wait to marry him.

Cailyn as explained by David.

Cailyn is one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has a passion to learn and try new things, with a mind that cannot be sated. Her most endearing quality is her unending selflessness. She constantly wants to ensure everyone around her is happy and is willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure others are satisfied, even if that means sacrificing her own time and self interest. She is the most loving and caring person I have ever met. She never ceases to amaze me with her unending devotion to making our lives more enriched. She strives to make me a better person and whenever I have even a little self doubt, she is the first person to root for me and help me through the rough times. I always said I would want to find someone who I could be myself with, that accepted the good and the bad traits. She not only fully accepts who I am, she helps exemplify my good traits, while mitigating my bad traits. She is the perfect partner for me and I could not imagine my life without her. 

David & Cailyn, thank you so much for choosing us as your photographers! We had so much fun with you both during your session and can't wait for your wedding. Enjoy the photos!

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